• Cool Houses on Wheels, Miter Box Loft View

    Check into the Tiny House Hotel in Portland and ask to stay in the Pearl to see what life is like in the Miter Box.    See the Image

  • Cool Houses on Wheels, Miter Box Dining

    The Miter Box has its own dishwasher and dining area.    See the Image

  • When Tim Krovel and Sarah Ketchum first saw their Portland, Maine, home, Sarah said "no way" and Tim saw the potential. After moving from Chicago, the couple was looking for a fixer-upper because…   Read the Blog

  • Portland homeowners remodel a century-old home with bold colors and additional space.   See the Gallery

  • Photography by Maria Alexandra Vettese; Styling by Hilary Horvath   See the Image

  • Blue Kitchen

    Published 10/09/13 in Houses

    Photography by Maria Alexandra Vettese; Styling by Hilary Horvath   See the Image

  • Dining Room: Portland Ardley House

    Need a retreat from April showers? You won't mind staying indoors at this European-style mansion. Known as Ardley House, the home evokes feelings of the Irish countryside. It also offers the best…   Read the Blog

  • Exterior: Portland Ardley House

    Step inside this charming European-inspired mansion.   See the Gallery

  • Wine Cellar: Portland Ardley House

    What better way to impress dinner guests than with your own wine cellar and private wine collection? The wine cellar in Portland, Ore.'s Ardley House has plenty of room for sampling vintage years.   See the Image

  • Secret Room: Portland Ardley House

    The 7,343-square-foot Ardley House is set on 20 beautifully landscaped acres in Portland, Ore., and even has its own wine cellar and guesthouse. What else could an estate like this need? Its very own…   See the Image

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