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Terrace: Philadelphia Italianate House
Living Room: Philadelphia Italianate House
Kitchen: Philadelphia Italianate House
Home Exterior: Philadelphia Italianate House
Great Room: Philadelphia Italianate House
Bedroom: Philadelphia Italianate House
Bathroom: Philadelphia Italianate House
Interior of Declaration House in Philadelphia
Declaration House in Philadelphia
Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia
  • Great Room: Philadelphia Italianate House

    This large Philadelphia home offers the best of both worlds: It’s loaded with historical charm but is located in close proximity to the heart of the city — and as a bonus, it’s in Chestnut Hill,…   Read the Blog

  • Home Exterior: Philadelphia Italianate House

    Built in 1925, this home boasts many grand elegant touches of Italianate architecture, including a front portico flanked by columns, a sweeping grand staircase and soaring ceilings.   See the Gallery

  • Declaration House in Philadelphia

    Happy Fourth of July from Cool Houses Daily! In honor of this momentous day – marking the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 – we’re taking a look at three buildings that played an…   Read the Blog

  • Betsy Ross House Courtyard in Philadelphia

    An annex building was added to the Betsy Ross House property in 1965, and the courtyard was renovated in 1974.   See the Image

  • Independence Hall Assembly Room in Philadelphia

    Delegates from the 13 colonies gathered in Independence Hall’s Assembly Room to sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776.   See the Image

  • Independence Hall in Philadelphia

    Both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.   See the Image

  • Vanna Venturi House Designed by Robert Venturi

    Many elements of postmodern architect Robert Venturi’s Vanna Venturi House in Philadelphia were an open challenge to modernist design.   See the Image

  • Terror Behind the Walls event at Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary.

    With its rusted bars, crumbling cellblocks and decaying furniture, this abandoned prison in Philadelphia is the perfect backdrop for scares. Terror Behind the Walls, an annual Halloween…   See the Image

  • Exterior of Philadelphia mansion.

    Take a look inside this 1929 French Norman estate in Philadelphia.   See the Gallery

  • This Second Empire corner mansion is located in Rittenhouse Square.

    Tour an elegant Second Empire corner mansion in Philadelphia, Pa.   See the Gallery

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