Our 5 Favorites From Dwell on Design

The Los Angeles Convention Center was brimming with thousands of great home design ideas and products, but these five blew us away.

Photo by Christine Kim, Dwell on Design Dwell on Design at the L.A. Convention Center featured an entire neighborhood of substantial and fascinating prefab homes that seemed bigger on the inside than on the outside, thanks to very clever use of materials, space, color, furniture and accessories.

Dwell on Design at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the nation’s largest design event, is sort of the equivalent of brunch at the Four Seasons. All the best, brightest and most fabulous is laid out appealingly before your very eyes, and you hardly know where to begin.

During the event’s three-day run, attendees were offered a full menu of discussions, demonstrations, home tours, exhibits and workshops covering the modern lifestyle. And in case you weren’t one of the lucky 30,758 who were able to attend, we’ve singled out a few of our favorite products, both large and small, but all able to fit neatly inside your home and enhance it.

One of the more arresting aspects of the event was the equivalent of an entire city block of the Convention Center floor transformed into a neighborhood with full-scale, prefab homes. It was fascinating to see how cool, cozy and cost-effective a prefab home can be.

But some of the most interesting and surprising home products were found inside the Method Homes pre-fab, which was outfitted with bright, chic and unique products from jcpenney’s designer collections. Who knew the reasonably priced retailer had contracted top designers like Michael Graves, Sir Terrence Conrad and Jonathan Adler to come up with beautiful design accessories that are also extremely affordable?

Another product line that we could easily see in every Angeleno’s home comes from MultiTable.com. The health conscious among us – and who isn't in L.A.? – will enjoy the stylish, adjustable desks that allow you to work standing up. To take it a step farther (pun intended) they’ll add a treadmill underneath and you can work while working out. We tried it, and found we could be surprisingly efficient on the computer while strolling.

And when it comes to efficiency, nothing beats the Clei sleeping units from Resource Furniture. What used to be known as the “Murphy Bed” is now ingeniously and stylishly designed enough to please even the most discriminating space saver.

We were especially impressed with the Lolisoft Bunk Bed system, which can be folded up into an attractive 12.25-inch deep wall unit, and the amazing LGM, a revolving bookshelf, queen bed system with pull-out nightstands and a fold-down desk.

For outdoor comfort, we loved Kindle Living’s patio heaters, re-designed to look like attractive floor lamps. Your generic outdoor space heater was in desperate need of a makeover anyway, so Kindle Living designers gave it a chic new look. And in case you were wondering, they were using the name Kindle long before Amazon.

Last but not least, we loved the ingenious living wall planters called Woolly Pockets. They have a modular design that features a hard vented shell and a self-watering tank. 

We’ve tried and failed to make attractive wall planters out of wood and chicken wire, and are glad to find something simple that does all the work for us, and is relatively inexpensive, retailing at $26.99.

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