North Carolina

  • Outdoor Activities

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Outdoor Activities

    New Bern's neighborhoods and recreational areas offer ample river access. Kayaking and paddleboarding are popular, as well as sailing, fishing and motor boating.   See the Image

  • MCAS Cherry Point Air Show

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    MCAS Cherry Point Air Show

    New Bern enjoys a long and proud military presence, with the Marine's Cherry Point airfield just outside of town. The annual air show draws thousands of spectators.   See the Image

  • Attmore-Oliver House

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Attmore-Oliver House

    The headquarters of the New Bern Historical Society, the Attmore-Oliver House features Craven County's oldest surviving brick building, an 1884 smokehouse and an antique doll collection.   See the Image

  • North Carolina History Center

    At the North Carolina History Center, history comes alive as craftsmen demonstrate blacksmithing and other arts, and Civil War re-enactors recount battles near New Bern.   See the Image

  • Cedar Grove Cemetery

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Cedar Grove Cemetery

    Cedar Grove Cemetery, final resting ground for two centuries of New Bernians, is one of the town's many historic cemeteries and churches. Guided tours are offered, and Cedar Grove ghost stories…   See the Image

  • Crystal Coast

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Crystal Coast

    Also known as the Southern Outer Banks, North Carolina's famed Crystal Coast is about an hour's drive from New Bern. Popular activities in this tourist hotspot include fishing, diving, horseback…   See the Image

  • Crystal Coast Diving

    Published 03/14/13 in Houses
    Crystal Coast Diving

    One of only two spots in America where the warm waters of the Gulf Stream approach the coastline, the Crystal Coast offers optimal conditions for underwater exploration. A host of colorful marine…   See the Image

  • Cape Lookout National Seashore

    Preserved by the National Park Service, this 56-mile-long stretch of the Crystal Coast comprises three undeveloped barrier islands: North Core Banks, South Core Banks and Shackleford Banks. The…   See the Image

  • Shackleford Banks

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Shackleford Banks

    A herd of feral horses known as "Bankers" roams Shackleford Banks, a barrier island about 50 miles southeast of New Bern. These horses are believed to be descendants of Spanish…   See the Image

  • North Carolina Maritime Museum

    Located about 40 miles southeast of New Bern in historic Beaufort, the North Carolina Maritime Museum features an exhibit of artifacts from Queen Anne's Revenge, the flagship of notorious pirate …   See the Image

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