North Carolina

  • New Bern City Hall

    Discover the top things to see and do around DIY Blog Cabin 2013.   See the Gallery

  • New Bern City Hall

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    New Bern City Hall

    One of only three still-working Seth Thomas clocks, the circa-1910 City Hall Clock Tower is a New Bern landmark and a nod to the town's Swiss heritage.   See the Image

  • New Bern Academy

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    New Bern Academy

    Founded in 1764 and built in 1809, New Bern Academy was the first public school in North Carolina. The restored building welcomes visitors as part of Tryon Palace's historic sights.   See the Image

  • Downtown New Bern

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Downtown New Bern

    With its welcoming "Main Street, USA" feel, New Bern's downtown features numerous local shops and dining and is part of the 56-block historic district.   See the Image

  • Bradham's Pharmacy

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Bradham's Pharmacy

    Bradham's Pharmacy on Middle Street was the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola and now is a great place for a quick lunch, a sip of refreshing soda or to stock up on Pepsi memorabilia.   See the Image

  • Tryon Palace

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Tryon Palace

    Tryon Palace is the crown jewel of New Bern's many historic points of interest. The former Colonial seat of government and governor's palace today offers up-close "living history"…   See the Image

  • Tryon Palace Gardens

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Tryon Palace Gardens

    A visit to Tryon Palace includes 14 acres of beautifully manicured riverside gardens.   See the Image

  • New Bern Firemen's Museum

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    New Bern Firemen's Museum

    New Bern's Firemen's Museum is a crowd-pleaser for kids. With old-fashioned steam engines and other early firefighting equipment, as well as Civil War relics and even the head of Fred the heroic…   See the Image

  • Marina

    Published 03/14/13 in Places

    Tucked between two conjoining rivers, New Bern is a boaters' paradise. The historic seaport and former shipbuilding hub features a popular marina and is the manufacturing home of Hatteras Yachts.…   See the Image

  • Union Point Park

    Published 03/14/13 in Places
    Union Point Park

    The riverfront walk at Union Point Park is a favorite place for runners and walkers as well as tourists, and a hard-to-beat spot for a relaxing afternoon.   See the Image

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