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  • Cave digger Ra Paulette was the subject of a 2014 Oscar-nominated documentary short and now his breathtaking hand-carved sandstone cathedral on 208 acres of New Mexico land is for sale. Asking under…   See the Gallery

  • Cave digger Ra Paulette in contemplation with his magnificent "Tree of Human Kindness" sculptured columns in one of larger chambers of the New Mexico cathedral. Diffused light streams…   See the Image

  • Ra Paulette scraping and shaping massive sandstone cavern. Spectacular angle and view of the work in progress.    See the Image

  • Another angle and interior shot of Ra Paulette showing scale, ornament carvings and height of the cave cathedral.   See the Image

  • A gorgeous receiving area or living room with textured carving on the massive curved columns. Paulette's sensuous work is at once arresting and soothing.    See the Image

  • A gorgeous light portal stream hints at mystery, rebirth and the luminous underworld inside the cave cathedral, truly artist Ra Paulette's magnum opus.    See the Image

  • Southwest-Style Living Room in Abiquiu, N.M.

    Fabulous views of Cerro Pedernal can be admired from the living room of this 4,000-square-foot home in Abiquiu, N.M.   See the Image

  • 1999: Pueblo Revival

    Published 02/22/13 in Houses
    1999: Pueblo Revival Style Home

    The pinnacle of Pueblo Revival architecture can be seen at the heart of this 175-acre Santa Fe ranch. In every corner of this meticulously maintained home, the proud culture of the city can be felt.…   See the Image

  • Price Tag: $200,000

    Published 02/19/13 in Real Estate
    Price Tag: $200,000

    Built in the Pueblo revival home style, this quaint home is perfect for the single homeowner or a couple just starting out. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom residence boasts an Energy Star approval…   See the Image

  • Santa Fe, N.M.

    Published 02/19/13 in Houses
    Santa Fe, N.M.

    This Santa Fe home is outfitted in the classic pueblo revival home style and boasts incredible views of Sun and Moon Mountain. Inside, tile floors, beamed ceilings, gracious living and dining…   See the Image

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