More People Want to Put the Moves on Los Angeles finds that L.A. is the most-searched city in the U.S. when it comes to relocation.

Infographic courtesy of Los Angeles turns out to be the top-searched metro area when it comes to relocation, but you can see how other cities stack up and get plenty of moving tips on this infographic.

Whether it’s the perceived sunshine, celebrities or glamour, more people consider moving to Los Angeles than anywhere else in the U.S., according to unique research recently done by, a prominent relocation site. L.A. ranked number one on their list for Top Searched Metro Areas.

Users were most intent on finding apartments in Los Angeles, followed by Washington, D.C., Dallas, Houston and Atlanta, in that order. New York City came in sixth, with Miami, Chicago, Phoenix and Philadelphia rounding out the top 10.

When people are thinking of moving from one major metropolitan area to another, Los Angeles was considered high on the list by those in New York City, Washington, D.C., and San Jose — more than any other city. The Big Orange was also mentioned most prominently on the site’s list of Sister Metros.

Specifically, the site says, “With average temperatures in the mid to high 70s year round, beautiful beaches and palm trees, it’s no mystery why people choose to move to L.A. There are ample career opportunities especially in the entertainment, media, fashion, science and sports industries. Known for being the 'City of Angels,' people can expect to live a relaxed lifestyle and enjoy the sun just about 365 days a year.”

For some reason, people seem to be overlooking the extreme traffic congestion, relatively high cost of living, and complicated state and local governments that we current Angelenos deal with on a daily basis. Still, most of us agree that it’s a great place to live.

It comes as no surprise that also cites the Los Angeles area as being high on a number of other lists. The trendy but not-yet-inflated Silver Lake is number one on Forbes’ list of hippest neighborhoods in the United States, beating out the Mission District in San Francisco and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, which came in second and third, respectively.

In a not-so-user-friendly category, L.A. ranks in the top five on the list of Most Competitive Cities, according to research done by The Economist Intelligence Unit for Citigroup. By “the most competitive,” they mean the places that have the most favorable business environments, the highest availabilities of human talent, their cultural reach and their ability to deal with natural disasters. In other words, they may have many jobs and be great places to live, but you’ll face stiff competition for those jobs. New York City tops this list.

If that last little bit of information doesn’t discourage you, has provided a terrific infogram that not only tells you which metro areas are perceived as being the most desirable, it informs you as to the most popular reasons for moving, and gives you tips for relocation.

June, by the way, is one of the most popular months for making a major move, what with graduation, weddings and job switches.


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