• Living Room Bay Window: Griggs Mansion

    The large living room has a private dining area in front of the bay window.   See the Image

  • Living Room Fireplace: Griggs Mansion

    With original architectural details like boiserie panels and built-in bookcases, this house is a steal -- if you don't mind sharing it with a ghost...or six.   See the Image

  • Old-Fashioned Landscaping: Griggs Mansion

    Curved beds and cottage-style plantings make us think we should see women in long, white dresses, carrying parasols as they stroll across the lawn.   See the Image

  • Grand Staircase: Griggs Mansion

    Published 02/18/13
    Grand Staircase: Griggs Mansion

    The original staircase, with Oxford Twist-style spindles, and a gracious, well-lit landing, still manages to give off a haunted air.   See the Image

  • Ghostly Bay Window: Griggs Mansion

    Is that an apparition peering from behind the curtains?   See the Image

  • Mossy Balcony: Griggs Mansion

    The landscaping around this mossy balcony is thick with hostas and ivy.   See the Image

  • Imposing Facade: Griggs Mansion

    This real-life haunted house looks every bit the creepy mansion, with two turrets and a ground-level bay window.   See the Image

  • Victorian Foyer: Griggs Mansion

    Since the late 1880s, the house has been used as a private home, an art school and an apartment building.   See the Image

  • Bedroom: Griggs Mansion

    Published 02/18/13 in Houses
    Bedroom: Griggs Mansion

    Is this one of the rooms where the spirit of the maid appeared?   See the Image

  • Luxury Home Theater

    Published 02/18/13
    Luxury Home Theater

    Bring out the popcorn for a screening of We Are Marshall, Field of Dreams or Rocky in this made-for-movies theater.   See the Image

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