Millennium Hollywood Project to Rock the L.A. Skyline, Looming Large Over Capitol Records

The Capitol Records Building, shaped like a stack of 45s, will look more like a stack of dimes compared to the Millennium Hollywood Towers near Hollywood and Vine.

Image Source: Millennium Hollywood Project The $664 million Millennium Hollywood development in Los Angeles will consist of two mixed-use skyscrapers with apartment, office and retail space.

For decades, the Capitol Records Tower, built to resemble a stack of records, and the Hollywood sign on the hills have been the most distinctive landmarks of the Los Angeles skyline. But all that is about to change with the advent of the $664 million Millennium Hollywood development.

Two mixed-use skyscrapers, flanking the Capitol Records Tower and near the famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine, have recently gained approval from the city’s planning department. They could add more than one million square feet of apartment, office and retail space to the area. The 4.5 acres upon which the towers will be built will also include green space, a pool and an outdoor library.

Image Source: Millennium Hollywood The mixed-use Millennium Hollywood development in Los Angeles will tower over the nearby Capitol Records Building.

At 485 to 585 feet tall, the two towers would be more than twice as tall as Hollywood’s tallest building. While there have never been height limits in the area, some local residents are concerned. They say the towers would add congestion and traffic to an already densely populated area.

Developers, however, note that the project is only a block away from a Metro Redline Station. They also plan to install bike lanes and lockers. They intend to make it an ideal urban area where people can live, work, shop and find plenty of entertainment without ever having to get in their cars.

These types of areas are notoriously scarce in L.A., where "nobody walks" and has been described as a “great big freeway.”  The Hollywood skyline may have seemed quaint and nostalgic before, but high-rises like the W Hotel, the Hollywood & Highland Center and now the Millennium project, are rapidly propelling it into the 21st  century.

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