• Exterior: Historic Inn in Salem, Mass.

    Exterior of the Salem Witch Museum and the Stepping Stone Inn in Salem, Mass.   See the Image

  • Dining Room: Historic Inn in Salem, Mass.

    Dining room of the Stepping Stone Inn for sale in Salem, Mass.   See the Image

  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts

    Published 05/14/13 in Places
    Cape Cod, Massachusetts beach and lighthouse

    Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is the iconic Northeast beach town. The 413-square-foot peninsula, with its 560 miles of shoreline, boasts some of the most pristine beaches perfect for kicking back and…   See the Image

  • Salem, Mass.

    Published 03/19/13 in Places
    Salem, Mass.

    Haunted by the 19 "witches" who were put to death in 1692 and 1693 in the famous Salem Witch Trials, Salem is a popular tourist destination for those interested in all things ghostly.…   See the Image

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