Local Life and Lore in Nashville

Here, the insider scoop on what to do and say (and not do and not say) when in Nashville.

Photo courtesy of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation The Gulch is a trendy neighborhood in Nashville.


The Third Coast. One of Nashville’s nicknames, based on the media and entertainment industry here, and the number of New York/Los Angeles transplants.

SoBro. Downtown’s redevelopment has crept southward, and the area south of Broadway, “SoBro,” is the place to be. The Hilton, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Shelby Street Bridge. Eateries include The Palm, Crema and Sole Mio. A concert, a stroll and a meal. It’s no surprise that apartments are springing up nearby.

The Gulch. The railroad gulch formed by 11th and 12th Avenues has divested the last of the old industrial tenants and is now home to clubs, restaurants and a growing supply of high-rise housing.

"TV parking." One thing to instantly love about the Third Coast, compared to the real coasts: you can often pull the car up to your destination and find a parking space right there. That's how it always happens in TV shows, even if they're set in crowded cities, like Boston or New York. Sometimes called "rock star" parking.

Eatin’ meat-n-three. You’ll want to stop at a “meat-n-three,” the local term for Southern cooking restaurants, which usually offer a choice among several meats and three vegetables. Most are only open for lunch.

Hot chicken, hot fish. Getting either takes some driving, but the spicy, crusty deliciousness is something you can’t get many other places.

Driving to the Mountain. Monteagle Mountain, 90 miles southeast on I-24, is cooler in the summer and has a couple of resorts favored by old money. But you don’t have to be old money to enjoy the views: the Monteagle hiking trails are free.

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