Las Vegas

  • 4. Top Sellers Market: Las Vegas

    You can get a really nice, four-bedroom home like this for $327,888 in the Las Vegas area, where there's 20% median home sales price growth, homes stay on the market an average of five…   See the Image

  • Cy Waits' Las Vegas Home

    Las Vegas hospitality entrepreneur Cy Waits is one of the world’s most successful avatars of global nightlife, having created and operated some of the highest grossing nightclubs in the…   Read the Blog

  • Cy Waits' Las Vegas Living Room

    This seating area in Cy's Las Vegas lair exhibits some of his favorite colors for the home: deep reds, chocolate browns and gold.   See the Image

  • Cy Waits' Las Vegas Home

    Published 02/17/14 in People
    Cy Waits' Las Vegas Home

    Las Vegas nightclub mogul Cy Waits tells us how he likes to relax at his resort-like outdoor living area.   See the Image

  • Call it a calculated gamble in the high stakes luxe market out there in Vegas, once the woebegone poster child for real estate speculation run amok. With a swing trader's optimism, the Element…   Read the Blog

  • Welcome to Las Vegas Lego Sign

    Warren Elsmore, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, recreates famous buildings and landmarks out of Lego parts. The former IT consultant, now a full-time Lego artist, uses special computer software to map…   See the Image

  • The $5 million 2014 'New American Home' debuted at the International Builders' Show Las Vegas convention in February. They want sells, of course, but it's worth a mention that every bit of the build…   See the Image

  • The booming personality of conjurer Penn Jillette has been making the festival rounds with his documentary darling Tim's Vermeer, a fascinating artistic how-dunnit that follows the theory of Tim…   Read the Blog

  • Wayne Newton's Las Vegas Ranch: Exterior

    The singer's opulent one-time home is still a stunner.   See the Gallery

  • Wayne Newton's Vegas Ranch

    The curtain hasn't closed on the storied past of Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton's dazzling former abode, Casa de Shenandoah ranch. The sprawling 36-acre estate, on which Newton resided for 45…   Read the Article

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