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America's Midcentury Modern Treasures, Prairie Village, KS
Kansas City's Raphael Hotel, Presidential Bedroom
Kansas City's Raphael Hotel, King Suite
Kansas City's Raphael Hotel, Front Door
Kansas City's Raphael Hotel, Circa 1940
Kansas City's Raphael Hotel, Chaz Lounge
Kansas City's Raphael Hotel, Lobby
Kansas City's Raphael Hotel, Circa 2014
Kansas City's Raphael Hotel, Lobby
Kansas City's Raphael Hotel, Queen Suite
  • Kansas City, Mo.

    Published 03/15/13 in Places
    Kansas City, Mo.

    "On January 10, 1910, a teenager from Nebraska stepped off a train in Kansas City, Mo., with little more than big dreams and two shoeboxes of picture postcards." Want to know how this…   See the Image

  • Population: Kansas City, Mo., 445,000; 2 million people in metro USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 Major Airports: Kansas City International Airport, Kansas City Downtown Airport Significant Employers:…   Read the Article

  • River Market With the Midwest’s largest Farmer’s Market, and dozens of loft and condominium options nearby, this revitalized neighborhood is a favorite among young professionals and urban…   Read the Article

  • Learn what makes Kansas City tick -- a laid-back atmosphere, great food, entertainment for every taste, and unabashed friendliness. Food and Drink: The Best Places To… BUY GROCERIES McGonigles…   Read the Article

  • Barbecue Heaven Kansas City is renowned for barbecue. Held each fall since 1980, the American Royal Barbecue has become the world’s largest barbecue contest. The two-day event fills 20 acres with…   Read the Article

  • When it comes to sports, Kansas Citians are among the most enthusiastic and loyal fans around. And there are plenty of events -- and teams -- to cheer here, especially because two states comprise the…   Read the Article

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