• Zen Cabin in Cloudland, Ga.

    Asking price: $397,000Hobbits are known for their love of the simpler things in life: pipe weed, good food, ale and tea -- hence the appeal of this Japanese-style tea house perched high on a…   See the Image

  • The Patio

    Published 02/18/13 in Celebrity
    The Patio

    No Southern estate would be complete without inviting outdoor living spaces. Comfortable furniture and lush plants come together to create a charming place to enjoy the home's riverfront setting.   See the Image

  • The Patio Fireplace

    Published 02/18/13 in Celebrity
    The Patio Fireplace

    Paula's personal touches can be found throughout the property. The mirror hung above the outdoor fireplace was decorated with shells by the cook herself.   See the Image

  • The Grandkids' Nursery

    Published 02/18/13 in Celebrity
    The Grandkids' Nursery

    Paula's grandkids stay in the cheerful nursery when they come to visit. A mural of musical frogs adds a whimsical touch to the room.   See the Image

  • Inside Paula's Elegant Estate

    Despite her tremendous success as a restaurateur, cookbook author and television host, Paula Deen has stayed true to her Southern roots. The Food Network star grew up in Albany, Ga., and later…   See the Image

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