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Enjoy These Aerial Photos of NYC Streets, Shot by an Intrepid Photographer

Photog Navid Baraty ascended midtown skyscrapers to capture a series of mesmerizing urban images.

Photo by: Navid Baraty Brooklyn photographer Navid Baraty shot this vertigo-inducing image from the top of a midtown New York City skyscraper. Seven of his "Intersection" photos are now on view at an MTA exhibit.

New York City is typically known for its skyline, but one gutsy photographer has been going out of his way to shoot photos of the city from above. Brooklyn shutterbug Navid Baraty has ascended the city's highest skyscrapers to capture what the streets look like from hundreds of feet above the ground, and the results are stunning. Take a peek and you'll witness a beauty of city living that you just can't appreciate when you're immersed in the hustle and bustle at ground level.

To shoot his vertigo-inducing photos, Baraty ascended midtown skyscrapers, tethered his camera to his wrist, then leaned over ledges and windows as far as he could and snapped away. He shoots his photos by day and night, zeroing in on both cars and people. If you want to see his "Intersection" photos in person, they're currently on view in a new MTA exhibition at the Bowling Green subway stop. The exhibit features seven of his images in large-scale format.

To learn more about Baraty, check him out on Twitter and Facebook.

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