Cutest-Ever Real Estate Office Rolls Through San Francisco

Photo courtesy of Climb Real Estate Inspired by the growing popularity of food trucks, San Francisco-based Climb Real Estate Group converted a 1964 Airstream trailer into a stylish mobile office. The rolling annex makes stops throughout the city to educate potential homebuyers about the San Francisco real estate market.

Stopping in at your local real estate office may not be your idea of a fun time. Then again, if your local real estate office was really, really local – like, parked around the corner – you might be more inclined to stop in and talk mortgages.

At least, that's the hope of San Francisco-based Climb Real Estate, a brokerage housed in a trendy loft within the Design Center in the SoMa neighborhood. Their office is festooned with repurposed wood and ornately framed mirrors; their site features the many and various dogs owned by its agents (and, oh yeah, kids too, but you have to scroll past the dogs). But their rolling annex, as shiny as a bright summer's day and impossible to view without grinning, is probably their biggest attraction yet.

Co-designed by Chris Lim, a former Realtor turned marketer, and Kristiana Spaulding, a rehabber of Airstreams who's been featured on HGTV's RVs Gone Crazy, the Airstream has its own Twitter feed, free coffee and muffins, and an agent willing to talk you through the complex process of buying property in the hyper-competitive, ultra-pricey market that is the San Francisco Bay Area.

"It's been really well-received," says Lim. "We go out on the weekends with two to four agents, and when the weather's nice, it gets really busy. The Airstream is evocative because it ushered in an era of American mobility, and that's what we're after today. This allows potential clients to experience our brand even before a new construction is finished: we're boutique, local and attuned to the tech buyer with a specific design sense."

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