• Charleston, S.C. Carriage House: Kitchen and Dining Area

    In this beautifully renovated Charleston carriage house, the dining room and kitchen offer views of the small courtyard behind the home. The rear of the property also features a quaint guesthouse…   See the Image

  • Charleston, S.C. Carriage House: Master Bath

    In this converted carriage house in Charleston, S.C., the master bathroom offers a stylistic change of pace from the rest of the home. The renovated and enlarged master bath is sleek and modern…   See the Image

  • Exterior: Historic Sword Gate House in Charleston, S.C.

    The historic Federal-style Sword Gate House in Charleston, S.C., began construction in the 18th century and was once a girls' academy and an inn. It has been restored as a private residence and…   See the Image

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