• Gated Entrance: Historic Federal Mansion in Charleston, S.C. tours Sword Gate House, a southern gem recognized by the Preservation Society of Charleston.   See the Gallery

  • Exterior: Historic Sword Gate House in Charleston, S.C.

    This Federal-style home, which began construction in the 18th century and was once a girls' academy and an inn, has now been restored as a private residence featuring exquisite wood and plaster work.   See the Gallery

  • Carved by rivers and waterways that make a slow crawl toward the Atlantic, the Low Country's distinct character is a convergence of geography, people and history. Founded in 1670 and named in honor…   Read the Article

  • These iconic Low Country landmarks and "must sees" make Charleston unique among cities.The Joe. Named after Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Charleston's mayor for more than three decades, The Joe is a…   Read the Article

  • Courtyard: Historic Federal Mansion in Charleston, S.C.

    Nestled behind Charleston's Sword Gate, this U-shaped estate shares the same name. Sword Gate House is believed to have been built in at least four sections — front right wing, central…   Read the Blog

  • 1823: Federal

    Published 02/22/13 in Houses
    1823: Federal

    Just 50 minutes from downtown Charleston, the historic town of Walterboro boasts hundreds of years of history. Included in the rich history of the town is this well-known estate, Orange Grove Place.…   See the Image

  • Historic houses line the spooky streets of Charleston, S.C.   See the Image

  • Charleston Harbor

    Published 02/19/13 in Houses
    Charleston Harbor

    Take in a perfect southern sunset from this harbor-view Charleston penthouse. Spanning two floors and more than 3,000-square-feet, this luxurious abode actually features more living space…   See the Image

  • Charleston, S.C. Master Suite

    The historic Sword Gate House of Charleston, S.C., has recently been restored to its former glory, and the master bedroom is no exception. Tucked away in its own private wing, this inviting suite…   See the Image

  • Filled with antebellum mansions, flourishing gardens and Civil War landmarks, Charleston, South Carolina specializes in southern charm. Search for a home in Charleston, and learn about the city’s…   Read the Article

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