Butler Service at Miami Residential Tower

Experience your own Shirley Temple moment: Buy a condo at Grove at Grand Bay and get your own personal butler.

Photo by Hulton Archive/Moviepix/Getty Images 1936: Shirley Temple sits sulking at the table as a butler tries to tempt her with pudding in a scene from the film Poor Little Rich Girl, directed by Irving Cummings for 20th Century Fox. 

It's the ultimate amenity: a gentleman dressed in a dark suit, donning white gloves, who will wait on you hand and foot. 

But butlers aren't only in the movies. Now they're in Miami. 

Developers recently broke ground on the development located at 2675 South Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove. Condo owners will enjoy access to four pools, an on-site chef, a curator-maintained art gallery, a pet spa and 24-hour access to a multilingual butler.  

An employee of the condominium association at the Grove at Grand Bay, a butler will do special tasks for owners upon request. I chatted with Philip Freedman, sales manager for the luxury residences and he gave us sneak peek into what owners can expect.  

Will they dress and act like the butlers we see in the movies? 

There will be a distinguished dress code for the butlers and they will provide the ultimate personal service for our owners. 

What's the difference between a butler and a concierge?  

A butler is an individual that actually does the job for you and coordinates additional services in a behind-the-scenes manner. A concierge is an individual that tries to find people to do the work for you. Additionally, families will be assigned the same person each time, so the butler will be a constant friendly face. 

What kinds of tasks will the butler perform? 

Let's say a family is returning home after traveling and they want fresh fruit, juices and groceries — that's a service the butler will perform. Or if an owner is getting ready to leave for a trip, the butler will go to the residence, pack the luggage and coordinate a car service.

How far will a butler go to make sure residents are happy? 

The service is designed to make sure the residents are completely happy and taken care of, so the butler will personally make sure the owner's needs are met.

Is there an extra charge for residents who wish to use the butler's services? 

The butler's salary is included in the monthly maintenance fee that goes to the association and additional personal services will be billed separately.

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