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Ben & Jerry's Asks New Yorkers to Vote for a New 'City-Churned' Flavor

Local vendors participate in a crowdsourced search for a NYC-centric flavor. On the ballot? Brownies, caramel and Sixpoint beer.

Photo by: Ben & Jerry's Brownies or marshmallows? Waffle cone pieces or caramel? Vote on ingredients for Ben & Jerry's NYC-centric flavor.

Ben & Jerry's is offering New Yorkers a chance to design and name their very own NYC-centric flavor. Since many of us may associate New York with pizza, bagels and hot dogs — admittedly awful choices for an ice cream flavor — Ben & Jerry's offers a base selection of ingredients to pick from, several of which come from local vendors Spoonable, Liddabit Sweets and Sixpoint Brewery.

Click here to weigh in on your perfect ice cream recipe. You can vote for Waffle Cone Pieces vs. Spoonable Caramels, Liddabit Sweets vs. Yellow Cake Pieces, Sixpoint Beer vs. Bananas, Brownies vs. Marshmallows and Caramel vs. Fudge. Don't forget to vote for Coffee vs. Chocolate and Vanilla vs. Peppermint as base flavors, and Greek Frozen Yogurt (healthy) vs. Ice Cream (indulgent).

Ben & Jerry's is also gathering votes via a cute IRL tallying system that integrates various aspects of NYC life. For example, every 1, 2 and 3 train that arrives on time at Times Square is a vote for Spoonable Caramel, while every 4, 5 or 6 train that arrives on time at Grand Central is a vote for Waffle Cone Pieces. Basketball players at the West 4th Street courts are asked to weigh in on Brownies vs. Marshmallows. On the Williamsburg waterfront, you can walk through designated turnstiles to vote for Coffee vs. Chocolate.

As of today, the leading flavor combination is vanilla or coffee ice cream with caramel, fudge, beer, brownies and Liddabit Sweets. Beg to differ? Register your vote by July 14. You can also hone your pun-writing skills and submit a name for the flavor. Come July 27, you'll be able to taste the crowdsourced concoction at a special Ben & Jerry's event. Sadly this is a one-time affair, which means the flavor won't be available in stores.

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