Awesome Sprint Ad Campaign: Images From the 'Built for Chicago' Finalists

Chicago's own Leo Burnett advertising agency put together this slick shout out and contest to Chicagoland: Everyone was invited to Instagram, Tweet and Facebook images of Chicago by Chicago.

Photo by Samprost Samprost was selected as a finalist with this richly textured Instagram entry titled "Chicago, CTA, Waiting." The contestants were whittled down to 50 by Paul Octavious and the final 10 voted on by the city. 

This puts interactive on a whole other level. When's the last time a major company asked not just for feedback about a service (they usually do this by forcing you to click through an unpleasant website survey), but actually featured work created by the public? Right. It slipped our mind, too. 

Advertising powerhouse Leo Burnett had the same thought, it seems. (Trivia: They famously unleashed on the world the pudgy, giggly Pillsbury Doughboy and the ruggedly handsome Marlboro Man.) As part of a Sprint network rollout in Chicago, the company whispered sweetly into the creative ear of the Third Coast: "Hey, blast some images and we'll take a look." As a bonus for participating, the chosen few – ten finalists in all v would be presented at the Art Institute of Chicago in a November group show "After Dark." 

Photo courtesy Leo Burnett/Sprint Chicago photographer Paul Octavious in a promotional video talking about his love affair with Chicago and explaining Sprint's "Built for Chicago" campaign. Chicagoans were invited to submit photos of the city that were later presented in the Art Institute of Chicago's "After Dark" exhibit.

Chicago blew it up. Under the hashtag #BuiltForChicago, some truly inspired (and some truly out there) pics showed us somber, beautiful, funny sides of the city. Here's a roundup of what people were voting for: skyline tattoos, a bride hovering between glass and sky in Willis Tower, green river kayaking. Take a look.

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