• Matthew McConaughey is having a very good year, with no less than three screen stealing roles: a comical turn as sleazy trader Mark Hanna in The Wolf of Wall Street; his AIDS-gaunt…   Read the Blog

  • McConaughey likes nicknaming things, and called Airstream's sleeping quarters the "Honeycomb," because of its warm tones. Yeah, this is doable.   See the Image

  • The actor used to tool around the country in his custom-rigged Airstream before trading up for a 9-acre Austin estate. We did a little side-by-side comparison.   See the Gallery

  • One of the gorgeous patios of McConaughey's lake side home. Taupe-colored tile and wrought-iron outdoor furniture. The space overlooks private grounds with mature gardens. (Notice there's three…   See the Image

  • The Airstream has a stripped-down, efficiency tactic for our bathing habits. This isn't an exact comparison, but we waned to offer the lovely elegance of the home's master bathroom and its corner…   See the Image

  • The laid-back actor's chill library room looks suitable for serious talks. Love the old-fashioned rolling ladder to reach books and objects on the upper shelves. Now, this is a very different space…   See the Image

  • But come on, you have to admit there's a charm to the Airstream's kitchen (and we've seen apartments with dinkier counter space). On the road, this is huge slice of comfort. We can see the Dazed…   See the Image

  • No doubt you can do the chef thing and serve up a gaggle of folks in this kitchen. That's a plus when you're making the transition from bachelor digs to family compound.      See the Image

  • The 3-story Spanish and Mediterranean blend sits on the outskirts of Austin where the average listing price sits at just over $555,000. Popular neighborhood Steiner Ranch lists lower,…   See the Image

  • That's a massive window in this master bedroom. It has a soothing palette and everything, from the bed to the sofa, ottoman and chairs, feels plump and overstuffed.   See the Image

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