A Romantic Day in Charleston, South Carolina

Try these activities for a romantic day in this historic city.

Filled with antebellum mansions, flourishing gardens and Civil War landmarks, Charleston, South Carolina specializes in southern charm. Search for a home in Charleston, and learn about the city’s romantic destinations and activities:
  • Carriage tours - Snuggle up in horse-drawn carriage and take a tour of the historic streets of Charleston. Learn about the city’s past from knowledgeable tour guides.
  • Magnolia Plantation and Gardens - This 17th century estate features America’s oldest gardens, a Pre-Revolutionary War plantation house, a Biblical garden, a wildlife observation tower and more.
  • Battery Park - Known as "The Battery," this landmark promenade stretches along the shores of the Charleston peninsula and is a great place to enjoy the sunset. The park is also home to White Point Gardens, which is filled with large oak trees and memorials.
  • Waterfront Park - This park’s family-sized swings are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the romantic atmosphere, complete with water views, fountains and gardens.
  • Woodlands Resort & Inn Restaurant - The only five-star restaurant in the state, The Dining Room at Woodlands combines an elegant atmosphere with a menu that changes daily to incorporate the freshest ingredients.

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