A Floating Development in Miami?

A Dutch developer is eyeing the waters surrounding Miami for a floating real estate development.

Photo by: Dutch Docklands This is Amillarah, a unique floating development consisting of 43 private islands in the Maldives. Miami could be the next location for a similar project.

Netherlands-based Dutch Docklands just opened a Miami office in Brickell and is considering South Florida for its first U.S. project. 

The company wants to create a $200 million floating development in Biscayne Bay, complete with housing, schools and shopping. They'll need between 500 to 1,000 acres across the water to build the project. 

With current developments underway in the Maldives, Norway and the Middle East, Miami would provide a glamorous addition to their portfolio; however, the Magic City has some competition. 

The company is also in talks with the Florida Keys, New York City, Cincinnati and several towns in New Jersey. 

"You can create whole new communities, and because it's floating and on the waterfront, it would mean very high-end real estate. You can create private beaches, private islands," said Frank Behrens, chairman of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Miami, to Miami Today. "Those big projects could be easily realized in Miami and would be fantastic attractions."  

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