6 Great Neighborhoods in Nashville

Find the Nashville neighborhood where you'll fit right in.

Photo by: Kerry Woo Photography Nashville's Richland neighborhood


Richland/West End was the grand dame in the early days of the streetcar. Late 19th and early 20th century mansions line its major streets, while starter cottages cluster on the lanes. Median home prices hover around the million-dollar mark, and even smaller cottages can surprise with their price. Location and history account for it: just a couple of miles from town, with porches, sidewalks, medians, historic designation and strong neighborhood associations.

The area is so attractive and walkable that it has become the Halloween neighborhood. A little condo infill makes Richland/West End attractive for singles and snowbirds. A few buildings have security. Residents can walk to three or four nearby schools.

The Neighbors: Creative types were early buyers, and now it’s mostly wealthy creative types and smart investors such as architects, writers, Realtors and interior designers. The condos sell to busy singles who want a short drive and no lawn.

Also Consider: SYLVAN PARK

This neighborhood backs up to Richland/West End, and shares the walkability and location. Housing stock is nearly all modest bungalows priced in the $200s and $300s, with some larger homes in the $400s to $500s. A few fixer uppers remain.

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