8 Great Neighborhoods in Tampa Bay

From the Latin Quarter to the beaches, this waterfront city has it all.

This colorful bungalow can be found in St. Petersburg's Historic Kenwood neighborhood.

These neighborhoods represent just some of the shades of vibrancy and charm that color the Tampa Bay area.

Historic Kenwood

Lying just west of downtown St. Petersburg, Historic Kenwood is on the National Register of Historic Places, an acknowledgment that the neighborhood contains one of the highest concentrations of bungalows in Florida, many of them dating to the 1920s.

This is a house-proud neighborhood of enthusiastic fixer-uppers of all ages who gladly share information and sources about restoration. The first weekend of November, the neighborhood hosts BungalowFest, a two-day tour of homes and gardens that celebrates the area's architectural richness. It's a diverse neighborhood with a hard-working and effective neighborhood association.

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