5 Great Neighborhoods in Richmond

Learn about some of the best places to call home in Richmond.

The Fan The Fan is authentic “old urbanism” and is home to students, young families and empty nesters. Artistic abandon and traditional conservatism exist here in a happy balance.

Flagship Addresses: Grove Avenue, West Avenue

Named for the "fan" shape of streets branching from Belvidere to the Boulevard, the Fan is the most eastern of the West End neighborhoods and is made up of Victorian townhouses, duplexes, carriage houses and converted apartments—and lots of bicycles. The Fan encompasses historic Monument Avenue with its parade of statues of Confederate heroes. Housing in this area doesn’t come cheap, but the public schools are good. Neighborhood retail stores and restaurants—offering some of the best food in the city—within easy walking distance make the Fan the most fashionable and fun neighborhood in Richmond.

The Neighbors: Very mixed, attracting everyone from starving students, artists and young families to doctors, lawyers, brokers and Old Richmond money.

Also consider: The Museum District

The Neighbors: Similar to the Fan, though less wealthy. Proximity to both the Virginia Museum and the Carytown shopping district makes for a thriving pedestrian environment.

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