6 Great Neighborhoods in Nashville

Find the Nashville neighborhood where you'll fit right in.

Photo by: Metro Nashville Parks Percy Warner Park in Nashville's Belle Meade neighborhood.


Impressive mansions built on the vast grounds of a former plantation.

Flagship Street: Belle Meade Boulevard. Flat, wide and with a beautiful median, it’s the city’s best running route. It connects the 2,000-acre Percy Warner Park with West End Avenue, the fastest downtown corridor. One of Nashville’s most exclusive clubs, Belle Meade Country Club, sits in the middle of the neighborhood. Homes trend northward of $1 million.

The Neighbors: A mix of big money and old money with a few surprising pockets of modest homes. Mostly families but increasingly, empty nesters.

Also Consider: GREEN HILLS

Photo courtesy of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation Hill Center in Nashville's Green Hills neighborhood.

This suburb didn’t start life with a silver spoon in its mouth, so visitors sometimes leave scratching their heads over the home prices attached to Cape Cods with additions. It’s about location: six miles from downtown on surface streets; snuggled up to the back of Belle Meade but a fraction of the cost; home to the three best private schools in town and a superb public elementary. Home prices start in the $300,000s, with condo prices starting a little lower.

Flagship Street: Hillsboro Road, home to Nashville’s high-end shopping. Some complain that as the Green Hills demographic has trended northward, big name luxury stores have edged out homegrown businesses like hardware stores, garden stores and art supply stores.

The Neighbors: Mostly high-income families but apartment complexes and some student housing spice up the mix.

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