5 Great Neighborhoods in Knoxville

Located just south of downtown on the Tennessee River, Island Home's quiet streets are lined with charming homes with unique architecture and rolling landscape.


South Knoxville, Knoxville's lightly traveled but scenic gateway to the mountains via Chapman Highway, is separated from the city proper by the Tennessee River. To reach it from downtown, take the Henley Street Bridge, the James C. Ford Memorial Bridge or the Gay Street Bridge.

Flagship Neighborhood: Island Home

If you love Craftsman and bungalow-style homes, you'll adore Island Home, a charming and quaint haunt that has plenty of both. This neighborhood was founded in 1899 and named for the property on which it was constructed, a Knoxville businessman's private retreat that he referred to as his "island home." It features a wide central boulevard that used to be a streetcar line. Neighborhood landmarks include the Tennessee School for the Deaf and Ijams Nature Center, a park and wildlife sanctuary with hiking trails and educational programs for the public.

The Neighbors: Young professionals, university professors, community activists with diverse political viewpoints

Also Consider: Lake Forest, Colonial Village

Longtime staples on the Dogwood Trail, Knoxville's springtime scenic driving tour, these intimate older neighborhoods are so cozily ensconced in the woods, you hardly notice you're near a city.

The Neighbors: Highly diverse: families, white-collar professionals, young do-it-yourselfers, active seniors

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