5 Great Neighborhoods in Knoxville

North Hills offers architecturally unique homes at a wide range of prices.

Knoxville is a wooded, rolling town that prizes its natural beauty, particularly its springtime display of dogwood and redbud blooms. It's no surprise that many of the neighborhoods here are named for hills, lakes, forests or some combination thereof.


North Knoxville has cachet as an up-and-coming area with tons of architectural character, ethnic diversity and easy access to downtown.

Flagship Neighborhood: North Hills

North Hills, which occupies a verdant rectangle of land bordered by Washington Pike, Whittle Springs Road, Prosser Road and Cecil Avenue, is a collection of architecturally unique homes built in the years between the two world wars. Visit in the spring to fully appreciate the area’s lovely, mature gardens. Despite a flourishing neighborhood association and garden club, many fixer-upper opportunities can still be found and homes vary widely in price.

The Neighbors: Young professionals, families, garden enthusiasts, longtime Knoxvillians with diverse political views

Also Consider: Fairmont, Oakwood/Lincoln Park

These neighborhoods just minutes from downtown Knoxville have a casual, front-porch aesthetic and feature a range of affordable homes built primarily from the 1920s to the 1950s.

The Neighbors: Diverse in terms of income, ethnicity and politics; neighborhood feel can vary literally from block to block, so check each one out in person

North Hills offers architecturally unique homes at a wide range of prices.

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