5 Great Neighborhoods in Kansas City

New to Kansas City? Explore some of the top neighborhoods around town.

River Market

With the Midwest’s largest Farmer’s Market, and dozens of loft and condominium options nearby, this revitalized neighborhood is a favorite among young professionals and urban enthusiasts who can walk to almost anything they need for daily life. The neighborhood of under four square miles includes the historically Italian neighborhood of Columbus Park.

Married couples that live in the River Market neighborhood typically both work. The majority of mostly white, typically well-educated residents living here are in their late 20s and early 30s, although some empty nesters also appreciate the excitement of living in the heart of the city. Among children that do live in this neighborhood, more than 11 percent attend private schools.


Cottage Living magazine named this area one of the country’s top 10 neighborhoods during 2008. In addition to the presence of many third and fourth generation Mexican-American families the population has become increasingly multiracial and multicultural, resulting in one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods. The architecture has become increasingly diverse too, as residents spruce up existing homes and build new, more modern residences.

The median age of Westside residents is late 20s to early 30s and many residents have their high school diplomas. Married couples comprise about 35 percent of the neighborhood and approximately 18 percent have children. Nearly one third of male residents and two thirds of women work in service or sales/office positions; and about one-half of married couples both work. From its hilltop location, Westside grows increasingly popular all the time.

Other urban core neighborhoods: Quality Hill, Union Hill, Valentine, Volker and Coleman Heights

The Country Club Plaza

One of the country’s oldest outdoor shopping and entertainment districts, the Country Club Plaza is also a highly popular place to live. It resembles a Spanish village with fountains, hand-painted mosaic tiles and custom ironwork. Hundreds of condominiums and apartments, as well as some single-family homes, are available at the perimeters of the shopping/entertainment area, from refurbished 'antique' buildings to new construction designed with the Plaza’s Spanish architecture in mind. About 70 percent of housing units carry a mortgage.

Thirty-somethings, singles, and couples without children predominate in this densely packed urban neighborhood. This is also a highly educated group, with nearly everyone being a college graduate. Close to 40 percent of Plaza dwellers work in service or sales/office jobs and both spouses work among two thirds of married couples.


Lying just north of the Country Club Plaza, Westport is one of Kansas City’s favorite and oldest dining, entertainment and shopping districts, as well as a popular place to live. Once an outpost along the historical Santa Fe Trail, its residential area is home to many longtime residents, as well as young people who prefer tree-lined neighborhoods, older homes, and quiet condominium living.

The median age of Westport residents is about 34 years and less than five percent are married with children. More than half have graduated from college. Approximately one quarter of men and 30 percent of female residents work in service occupations, and about half drive a car alone to work.


Home to Kansas City, Missouri’s first 'suburban' shopping area and approximately 11,000 residents, this small town within a big city boasts mostly high school graduates and three quarters of adult residents have college degrees, with a median household income around $100,000.

Families, and folks who love older homes and walking to the local shops and dining venues, gravitate to Brookside. A full service grocery store, two specialty markets, many restaurants, and interesting shops, and several coffeehouses offer residents plenty of options close to home. Special activities include the nationally recognized Brookside Art Fair, and an Annual St. Patrick Warm-up Parade.

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