5 Great Neighborhoods in Detroit

Explore some of Detroit's most popular neighborhoods with this guide.

Flagship Neighborhood:
Grosse Pointe

When Henry Ford’s son Edsel wanted a home of his own, Dad hired architect Albert Kahn to build him a St. Clair lakefront, 60-room “cottage” in Grosse Pointe. Edsel and his wife, Eleanor, lived there all their lives; Eleanor died there in 1976. If your perfect neighbor is a charter member of the yacht club, civic-minded and wealthy enough to support several favorite charities, Grosse Pointe might be a community you could comfortably call home. The other houses there are just as sumptuous.

The Neighbors: Old money.

Also Consider: Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Shores

The rest of “The Pointes” as they are known, are comfortable, older and relatively affordable communities full of big, conventional colonials on shady streets with sidewalks. The people who live in them run the gamut from longtime residents to newlyweds and young families who like the idea of living in a town with an active Young Republicans Club. Upper middle class people who work Downtown at Wayne State, Detroit Medical Center, Henry Ford Hospital, GM headquarters or Compuware, but want a suburban lifestyle and a reasonable commute.

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