Washington, D.C.: Greatest Cities for Mass Transportation
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Washington, D.C.: Greatest Cities for Mass Transportation

Like New York, D.C.'s city center draws workers from surrounding suburban areas, including two neighboring states: Maryland and Virginia. D.C.'s notorious rush-hour traffic makes a well-tuned, affordable and wide-ranging mass transit system essential.

Government contractor Ticona Willis confirms these sentiments. "What I like most about D.C.'s mass transit system is the convenience of not having to deal with traffic during rush hour," she says. To accommodate travel into the D.C. area and the metro center, the city's public transportation system includes a regional subway system, a regional bus service and several local bus systems. Ticona says D.C.'s public transit isn't perfect -- she'd like to see cheaper fares and newer subway cars with better temperature control -- but the current system makes D.C. employment a viable option for suburbanites.

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