Seattle, Wash.: Greatest Cycling Cities in America

Seattle, Wash.: Greatest Cycling Cities in America

Hands down, the most impressive feature of Seattle's bicycle scene is its extensively detailed and publicized Bicycle Master Plan. Designed to boost the current commuter percentage of 2.99, the Bicycle Master Plan calls for 118 miles of new bike lanes, 19 miles of trails and new signs to aid in cycling awareness. At an estimated cost of $240 million, the Master Plan includes a project to create "bike boulevards" -- eight miles of streets marked for bike travel as an alternative to riding on heavily used arterial roads.

Divided by just a few hundred miles, Seattle's bike scene may seem tame in comparison to Portland's. But with its strong community bike scene combined with its government-funded and supported 10-year bike plan, Seattle is on the cusp of making bicycling the safest and most affordable transportation choice.

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