Pittsburgh: Greatest Cities for Mass Transportation

Pittsburgh: Greatest Cities for Mass Transportation

Operated by the Port Authority of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh's mass transit system consists of bus services, a light-rail system and two inclined-plane railroads. With about 6 percent of its workforce commuting by means of mass transit, Pittsburgh ranked number 24 on the U.S. Census Bureau's list of public transit usage.

PAT operates about 800 buses, which run on both standard and rapid transit routes. Additionally, all the light rail and busway stations outside the downtown area connect to shuttles, transferring riders to the surrounding neighborhoods. PAT's buses currently run along three routes, connecting suburbs in Allegheny County to downtown Pittsburgh, from the Amtrak station to the eastern suburbs, and one line serving just the southern suburbs.

PAT's light-rail network, locally known as "The T," is a 25-mile system with four lines, running south from downtown Pittsburgh to the suburbs. PAT unveiled its new North Shore Connector Line, which added 1.2 miles of track north of downtown, on March 25. The line runs under the Allegheny River and connects Pittsburgh's northern suburbs to the downtown area as well as to the southern suburbs.

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