Philadelphia, Pa.: Greatest Cycling Cities in America
Photo by R. Kennedy for GPTMC

Philadelphia, Pa.: Greatest Cycling Cities in America

In a city where studies have proven that commuting by bike is actually faster than by bus or car, Philadelphia proves its bike enthusiasm by turning its traffic-congested central areas into bicycle-friendly zones.

With a 2009 bike commuter percentage of 2.16, Philadelphia has installed approximately 1,000 bicycle racks in its Center City and surrounding neighborhoods. Though Philadelphians mostly commute by car (61 percent), followed by public transportation (26.4 percent), walking (8 percent) and riding a bicycle (2.16 percent), Philadelphia's bicycle commute "mode share" (1.2 percent) is larger than New York City's (.06 percent), though not quite as large as Washington D.C.'s (2.0 percent) and Portland's (4.0 percent).

Aside from its growing bicycle-friendly infrastructure, Philly has a colorful bike scene, consisting of enthusiasts who find the city's quaint size conducive to daily commutes or just riding with friends. Philly's annual Tweed Ride attracts large crowds decked out in vintage wear; if you're lucky, you may even spot a penny-farthing or two at this event.

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