Cleveland, Ohio: Greatest Cycling Cities in America

Cleveland, Ohio: Greatest Cycling Cities in America

The underdog of this list, this historic rust belt city is home to an impassioned and persevering community of bike riders. Cleveland's most-recent bicycle endeavor, The Complete and Green Streets ordinance, consists of a law that requires 20 percent of money spent on road projects to go to bike-friendly features such as bike-only lanes -- one of several efforts to increase the city's bike commuter percentage of .39. "Cleveland was one of the first cities in the country to temporarily close streets to motorized traffic so they can be enjoyed by cyclists and pedestrians," say local rider Jeff Sugalski.

Another exciting feature of Cleveland's urban cycling scene is its Metroparks, or nature preserves with walking, hiking and bicycling trails along river paths and creeks. Local rider Shawn Mariani is a true believer in the city's bike scene. "The growth that Cleveland's bike culture has had recently is tremendous, and the only change I would like to see for the future is increased numbers of people on bikes," he says.

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