Portland, Ore.: Greatest Cycling Cities in America

Portland, Ore.: Greatest Cycling Cities in America

Portland boasts a strong and enthusiastic bike scene consisting of a large number of regular cyclers on the road, government-supported bike infrastructure, several government and privately supported bike programs, and an abundance of bike resources such as retail shops and instructional co-ops. Local rider Leah Bendlin says the city's condensed design makes biking easy and that local establishments offer incentives for bikers. "Bars will sometimes have special deals for people who bike there, though most people bike to bars anyways," she says.

According to Portland's Bureau of Transportation, the city has the highest share of bicycle commuters at 6 percent to 8 percent. Portland is also the only large city (with a population of 529,121 persons) to earn The League of American Bicyclists' platinum status as a bicycle-friendly city. The most appealing element about Portland's bicycle scene is the city's general pro-cycling attitude and integrated amenities such as convenient bike parking and extensive, well-marked bike lanes. This city's citizens express their love of cycling through events like BikeCraft, a two-day gift fair exclusively dedicated to bike accessories and designs.

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