$135 Million, Hala Ranch, Aspen, Colo
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$135 Million, Hala Ranch, Aspen, Colo

Once valued at $135 million,  Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan named this 95-acre Aspen beauty Hala Ranch.  This one deserves a short inventory, for how does a prince live? Self-contained, i a mini-city with a 56,000-square-foot home. You can fill up your car and get a wax at the gas station/car wash, live off the grid with your own wastewater treatment plant (a plant!), and pound the powder on private cross-country ski trails. Guest rooms open to a reflecting pool and waterfalls. Fifteen bedrooms, each with a patio. Gorgeous. But hedge fund billionaire John Paulson, who made a fortune during the real estate crash, shot holes in that princely price and bought Hala Rance for $49 million in 2012. A long drop for this Rocky Mountain rustic.

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