Petite Apartment Retreat in San Francisco

When Sacramento Street blogger Caitlin Flemming set out to design her tiny 375-square-foot apartment in San Francisco's Presidio Heights neighborhood, it didn't start out as planned. "My husband and I went away for the weekend and left our apartment to our painters," explains Caitlin. When we returned home, we walked into an apartment that was supposed to be painted a custom shade of soothing gray, but instead it was covered in a light blue.

What seemed like the beginning of a long, exhausting experience became the first step in turning her modest apartment into a stylish, blog-worthy home. After living with the blue shade for several days, Caitlin embraced it as a happy accident.

The faint shade of blue counterbalances the darkness with just enough white in it to help reflect the available natural light into the darker areas. By using this same light color throughout the apartment, it creates the illusion of more space through cohesiveness.

To live comfortably in 375-square-feet, Caitlin needed a functional space plan for an apartment that was one large, open room. "Technically, the apartment is referred to as a junior one-bedroom since the sleeping area has French doors that close it off from the dining room," explains Caitlin. "But almost everyone who's been over thinks it's a studio apartment."

Caitlin designed a multipurpose space for dining, lounging and working by maximizing built-in space for storage. "In fact, there's so much room to store stuff in the built-ins that we've put them to use for several things, including what I refer to as our wine cellar," says Caitlin. In addition to wine and dishware, the built-in area housed Caitlin's books, camera equipment, cookbooks, wrapping paper and Eric's collection of San Francisco Giants bobble-head dolls.

Thanks to fantastic space planning, Caitlin and her husband are not only living comfortably themselves, they're also able to accommodate guests for intimate dinner parties. Whether the tiny apartment is technically a junior one-bedroom or a studio remains unclear, but one thing is for certain: Caitlin has made it home.

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