• Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery, Afternoon Strolls

    Usually when planning a weekend outing with friends or the family unit, the last place you think about meeting is the local cemetery. Atlantans, however, are not your average bears. We go to Historic…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery, Entrance

    Visitors from all over the world come to the cemetery for its historic markers, gardens and tours. Locals enjoy the Victorian garden all year long.   See the Gallery

  • Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery, Afternoon Strolls

    Some may find an afternoon in the cemetery a bit macabre, but Atlantans enjoy it for running, picnics, dog-walking and even weddings, parties and festivals.    See the Image

  • Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery, Pet-Friendly

    Like many Atlantans, Richard Funderburke of Decatur enjoys taking his four-legged best friends on walks through Oakland all year long.    See the Image

  • Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery, Varsity Picnic

    This family enjoys a picnic lunch from the Varsity on one of Oakland's many lawns.    See the Image

  • Dog House: Cape Cod Cottage in West Hartford, Conn.

    Homeowner Jennifer Mooney's dachshunds, Henry and Kiki, even have their very own retreat in her garden.   See the Image

  • Art on the BeltLine, "Faces and Friends"

    If you think Atlanta doesn’t have a vibrant art scene, then you’re probably watching too much of The Walking Dead. On the contrary, it’s very much alive and we're all invited to enjoy it along eight…   Read the Article

  • Art on the BeltLine, "Ballroom"

    Art on the Atlanta BeltLine is the City of Atlanta’s largest temporary public art display, showcasing works of hundreds of artists along nine miles of the Atlanta BeltLine corridor. These are a few…   See the Gallery

  • Lanterns on Parade, Tailgating

    Each year the Art on the BeltLine kicks off with a lantern parade that winds along the trail and ends in Midtown Atlanta.   See the Gallery

  • Lanterns on the BeltLine, Pups Welcome

    All of your best friends, including the furry and four-legged ones, are invited to participate in the Lantern Parade along the Atlanta BeltLine.    See the Image