• Kingston Court: Kitchen Appliances

    Stainless steel appliances are complemented by bright white cabinetry in this rental home.    See the Image

  • Kingston Court: Bedroom Balcony

    Two of the bedrooms in this midcentury mod enjoy private balconies.    See the Image

  • Kingston Court: Front Door

    We love the details of this midcentury-modern rental, like the double front doors.    See the Image

  • Kingston Court: Dining Room

    French doors lead to a large dining room at this midcentury-modern rental.    See the Image

  • Mount Pug

    Architects from all over the world were asked to design and build unique, breed-specific habitats for man’s best friend. They're now on display at the Long Beach Museum of Art.   See the Gallery

  • Mobile Home for Shiba

    Published 08/05/13 in Places
    Mobile Home for Shiba

    "Whether it rains all day, the asphalt is hot, or whether the dog has aged and its legs and loins are sore, dogs want to go out for a walk with their owners every day. I conceived of this…   See the Image

  • Wanmock for Jack Russell Terrior

    "Observing the favorite place of this dog, whose qualities make him a good partner for people, we found that he’s happiest on his master’s clothes. The smell and the feeling of the fabric set…   See the Image

  • "No Dog, No Life!" for Boston Terrier

    "This is the house where the dog lives, inside the house where the people who own the dog live. This architecture is a living space for the dog, as well as furniture for the people, a…   See the Image

  • Papier Papillon

    Published 08/05/13 in Places
    Papier Papillon

    "With just two wires, the paper tube found inside the ubiquitous cylinder of plastic wrap changes shape, making a space for dogs. You can make a bed, a swing, a maze-like environment, even a…   See the Image

  • Chihuahua Cloud

    Published 08/05/13 in Places
    Chihuahua Cloud

    According to Architects Reiser + Umemoto, "The Cloud is architecture that travels with the dog, a second skin that communicates the uniqueness of any given Chihuahua’s body and…   See the Image