• Mount Pug

    Published 08/05/13 in Places
    Mount Pug

    "Mount Pug is a mesh-shaped 'mountain' assembly of thin and long 600mm (plywood) pieces as 'branches.' Pug is clever and mischievous. It makes full use of the mesh as its nest and plaything.…   See the Image

  • Architecture for the Bichon Frise

    "The fur of the bichon frise is distinct. Extremely white, soft and fluffy, it’s like cotton candy or a wisp of cloud. This architecture resembles the bichon frise, with its fascinating…   See the Image

  • Dog Cooler for Spitz

    Published 08/05/13 in Places
    Dog Cooler for Spitz

    "Summer in Japan, hot and humid as it is, is the worst climate — for people and dogs," explains architect Hiroshi Naito, who says this piece is a tribute to Pepe, his beloved Spitz who…   See the Image

  • D-Tunnel for Teacup Poodle

    Published 08/05/13 in Places
    D-Tunnel for Teacup Poodle

    "When the dog runs up the stairs, he ends up at just the right height to be face-to-face with a person," says architect Kenya Hara. "Dogs, who spend their lives at the side…   See the Image

  • Paramount for Toy Poodle

    Published 08/05/13 in Places
    Paramount for Toy Poodle

    When discussing his creation, architect Konstantin Grcic says that poodle owners "claim that their poodles are reacting positively to mirrors and displaying unmistakable signs of…   See the Image

  • Architecture for Long-Bodied-Short-Legged Dog

    The designers at Atelier Bow-Wow had the dachshund in mind when they designed this piece. "Because of their short legs, it’s hard for dachshunds to meet their masters’ eyes. Also because of…   See the Image

  • Mount Pug

    The term “in the doghouse” takes on a whole new meaning after a visit to the Long Beach Museum of Art’s latest exhibit, Architecture for Dogs. For the show, architects and designers from all over…   Read the Article

  • The W Midtown

    Published 08/05/13 in Places
    The W Midtown

    Located within walking distance of Piedmont Park, the W is the official hotel for the 2013 Music Midtown Festival.    See the Image

  • My Beach House Tybee Island

    Lauren Davis decorates her beach rental properties with unique vintage treasures.   See the Gallery

  • My Tybee Island Beach House

    This beach bungalow, less than 200 steps from the sand, was the first that Davis purchased, sleeps 10 and is per-friendly.    See the Image