Mark Zuckerberg Is a NIMBY Genius

The Facebook CEO has found a way to thwart developers hoping to horn in on his home, and it's as brill as you'd expect.

Facebook CEO Adjusts His Privacy Settings

House Photo by Zillow / Headshot Courtesy of Facebook When Mark Zuckerberg caught looky-loos trying to buy next door, he did what anyone would do: paid $30 to keep his neighbors very, very happy. 

It's fashionable these days to act all hatey about Facebook, usually in one's Facebook update, but let's face it: It's reached full saturation in our shared culture at this point, for better or for worse. Anyway, it's hard to hate a guy who showed up on SNL to tease the guy who played him in The Social Network.

Anyway, you know how developers love to snap up potentially valuable property. And I'm not just talking about Lex Luthor's diabolical plan to decimate the California coastline so he could profit off of folks scrambling for the newly-beachfront-property he'd wisely invested in. There are real bad guys who paved paradise to put up strip malls, and only the saintliest have managed to resist the siren song of cold, hard semolians. 

Zuckerberg was notorious for living in a month-to-month rental until he bought a five-bedroom, five-bathroom house for $7 million. ($7 million? The guy is worth billions! It's a nice house, though.) Recently, though, he spent more than four times that – a reported $30 million – to buy up all four of his neighbors' homes, only to turn around and lease them back in the most gentlemanly fashion. 

For the record, each home was bought for far above its asking price. The reason? A little birdie had told Zuckerberg that a developer was nosing around, trying to buy a neighbor's home for the sole purpose of building housing they could market as Zuckerberg-adjacent. ("Neighbors You May Know...")

To recap: He could have bought something palatial and awful and surrounded by a security fence, but I'm figuring he still wants to live like a human being, with neighbors. Sounds like a generous, elegant solution. 

Hmm, I wonder if I could buy Bit Strips for $30 million just to keep them out of my Facebook feed?

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