Lisa Loeb's Surprise Visit to Church

Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward establishment was packed to the gills last night and there was much rejoicing.

Photo by: Holly Aguirre In Atlanta for a radio conference, the Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and radio host stopped by Church and performed a mini concert before a packed house. 

Church is the last place you'd expect to find celebrities visiting Atlanta, but that's where they all seem to flock. Grammy-nominated recording artist, television host and now radio host Lisa Loeb stopped by Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living and Ping Pong Emporium last night for a quick set.

“I wasn’t looking forward to this at all,” Loeb told FrontDoor. “I thought it was going to be a bar with a bunch of rowdy people standing shoulder to shoulder. But these people tonight really wanted to hear some songs.” 

So Loeb obliged them and there was much rejoicing. The mother of two was in town promoting her new radio show, Kid Lit, at the Public Radio Programming Conference. Held in the Ping Pong room of Church, what was supposed to be a drive-by turned into an entire mini concert. Close to 200 people packed the upstairs and sat quietly mesmerized by Loeb, who delivered one song after another — all while standing between two lighted Christmas lawn ornaments and amongst the kitschy art of bar owner Grant Henry, aka Sister Louisa.

Loeb’s acoustic set included hits “I Do,” “Stay,” “The 90's” and “Let’s Forget About It.” 

“When I came in earlier today and met Grant and saw the place, my reservations about doing this were somewhat lifted,” said Loeb. “Then when I talked to him and I heard that Southern accent of his, I started getting nostalgic. I am from Dallas and he just made me think of home.” 

The Old Fourth Ward establishment, which has been visited by Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Lady Gaga and Vince Vaughn, is now on Loeb’s short list of favorite spots in Atlanta. She also said she loves Watershed for dining and poking around Little Five Points for the eclectic shopping. 

"I really only thought she'd do a couple of songs and then leave," said Henry. "I honestly couldn't be more thrilled." 

Loeb graciously hung around and posed for countless photos as Atlantans lined up to heap praise on the star.

"Of course I am inspired here. Just look around," said Loeb as she gestured toward the artwork and the crowd. 

After the brief visit in Atlanta, Loeb said her travels will take her to Alaska, San Francisco and then Las Vegas. Presented by Strip Radio Network, Kid Lit is a half-hour program for public radio celebrating the best in children’s literature. Loeb concentrates on the newest in children’s books, covering book titles across all age groups and genres and even revisiting the classics. She conducts author interviews and solicits librarians for their favorites. 

“I really wish that I had scheduled more time here,” said Loeb. “Next time.” 

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