Home Sweet Flea Market: Hollywood Hills Couple Creates Online Design Exchange

The founder of Fleapop.com and his wife redesign their home constantly, with items they buy and sell on the website. Others are welcome to join in the fun.

Photo courtesy of Fleapop.com Ross Resnick, his wife Evelyn and their pug Rocco get to re-design their home on a weekly, if not daily basis, thanks to the home design/flea market website they launched called Fleapop.com.

Have you ever walked into a designer show room and thought, “I could just live here!” Well, Ross Resnick and his wife Evelyn actually do live in a showroom, and they get to re-design it, bit by bit, on a weekly, if not daily, basis. There is no such thing as “same old, same old” in the Resnick home.

That’s because they started a clever new website called Fleapop.com, where they sell the home furnishings and accessories that they’ve grown weary of, and have invited others to do the same. The name derives from ‘flea market’ and ‘pop-up store.’

And as with any flea market, the site has attracted artists, craftsman and manufacturers who want to sell the new products they’ve just created, as well as those hoping to recycle their previously owned items and make a little money from it.

The idea for the site was born about a year ago when the Resnick family moved from the Bay Area, where they lived in a Victorian, to the Hollywood Hills, where they moved to a two-bedroom, one-bath, 1,300-square-foot bungalow with a modern-meets-vintage style. Their Victorian-ish furniture and accessories were still good, but just didn’t work in their new home. So they attempted to sell some of their best pieces online.

They tried websites like Craigslist, but found that to be disorganized, as well as a little scary. “Is that guy really coming over to see your sofa, or is he checking out the house for other purposes?” they wondered.

The Resnicks believed people would really respond to an online flea market, and began designing a site where anyone can put up a store, or stall, if you will, for free. When a sale is complete, Fleapop gets a 6 percent fee.

Meanwhile, the Resnicks decided that there’s no place like home to show your wares, so they began photographing their own items in the places where they actually sit or hang. So as soon as that ceramic rhino head sold, they gave themselves permission to replace it with something new. This way, their house is in a constant state of re-design.

“We feel that most people would like to refresh their homes more often than they do, more like how they change out their wardrobes,” says Resnick. “But costs can be prohibitive. So with Fleapop, they can redesign as much as they want, with the lower risk of a lower price point.”

Also, browsing on Fleapop is a quite a bit faster and more efficient than, say going from yard sale to yard sale, or driving all the way to Pasadena or Long Beach on the weekends.

The site has been in development for a year, and live just for a little over a month, but already, over $1 million in merchandise is represented. The Resnicks themselves are active buyers and sellers, of course.

“It basically gives people the experience of “Look what I have!” and “Look what I found!” Resnick summarizes. Who doesn’t like a deal?

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