Designer Spotlight: Frances Herrera

From NYC to Miami, this design maven is taking over the East Coast. And she knows a thing or two about how to create livable rooms with a sophisticated edge.

Photo by: Frances Herrera Interior Design Acclaimed for her “livable luxury” design principles, Frances Herrera has quickly become one of the top designers on the East Coast. Since establishing her design firm in New York City in 2002, she has expanded her services, which are now offered throughout South Florida, where she resides.

Whether designing a modern, contemporary or traditional space, Frances Herrera's philosophy remains the same: to create comfortable, livable rooms with an understated, sophisticated edge. 

“I don’t follow trends,” Herrera said. “I let my clients’ passions and interests dictate the emotion and feel of the home.”

With an eye for synthesizing colors and patterns, the young designer began her career at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. During a summer hiatus to Italy and France, she found her true calling in interior design and viewed it as an opportunity to combine her background in fashion with her passions for culture and structural aesthetics.

Herrera launched her design firm, Frances Herrera Interior Design, in New York, then expanded to South Florida where she draws inspiration from the sand and sea.

“I love all aspects of the coast, from spending the day on the beach or on a boat, or just taking long walks or jogging along the water,” she said. “The color of the sea and sky fill my soul with beauty and inspire my designs.”

Want to spice up your home, but don't need a complete revamp? 

Frances Herrera recently launched an instant one-day makeover service called Dayzine, where her team will revitalize a single space within four to six hours. It's for people who want to work with their existing furniture, but desire to reinvent the space. 

The design team begins the process with an initial consultation to get a sense of what you want to keep, how the space flows, furniture that needs to be rearranged, etc. Then you'll complete an in-depth design questionnaire that extracts your lifestyle, interests, needs and design preferences like colors, materials, incorporation of family photos, collections, etc. The result is a completely customized and revitalized space at an affordable price, in just a day’s time.

An ideal design service for yachts, the firm recently completed a one-day makeover for a major yacht builder, redesigning $2 million-dollar yachts for a local boat show.  

“Similar to New York City apartments, most yachts are alike in style and composition, and the confines are intimate," she said. "We transform these spaces into a personalized sanctuary within a matter of hours.”

For more information about Frances Herrera Interior Design call 866-605-8111 or visit

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