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At Home With Cindy Barshop

Take a look inside the New York housewife's West Village home.

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Cindy Barshop, the newest addition to The Real Housewives of New York City cast, is not your typical stay-at-home mom. Besides her spot on the show, she is busy raising twin baby girls and running her chain of medi-spas that specialize in de-fuzzing the body parts of women across the nation. And she does it all by herself. The reality star recently gave us a tour of her West Village home and shared what life is like raising babies in an urban home.

Tell us what you've been up to lately.
Lately I have been learning how to change my time clock so I can get ready before the kids wake up, which allows me to spend more time with them. I have also been working on deciphering 16-month-old baby talk, all while expanding my Completely Bare spas nationally and launching a new hair removal product line.

What inspired you to start Completely Bare?
I have always been an entrepreneur with many ideas. Initially, I had a bikini problem! I found the technology and knew this was going to be a great business. Completely Bare became one of the first medi-spas on Madison Avenue.

How does your home life keep you happy and inspired?
My twins Jesse and Zoe. Before that, I still lived in the same place. My kids just weren't there and it did nothing for me. They're the ones that keep me happy and inspired. Plus, I keep changing the home because my family keeps growing and changing. I made rooms for the nannies to sleep in. Now I'm working on the backyard because before it was more of a party place. We had the couches and the barbecue and the lights, now I'm making it a place for the kids. I love it like this. It's the only time in my life when I have had it like this and I'm sure it's going to change again. I guess your home changes as your life changes. Even now I notice that when I take pictures of my place, it's so fun and bright compared to the way it used to be. Any picture. It's the background — it is always bright because of the kids. It looks fun and happy.

What neighborhood did you grow up in and what made it special?
I grew up in Wantagh, Long Island. To me it is special because that is where I grew up and have the fondest memories. It was wonderful and it kept me real. It's full of good people and that's what's important in life. That's what shaped me — middle-class people don't want so much stuff, whereas being in the city people want so many things. So it kept me real with family and friends. Everyone knows each other and they grow up there and marry, and it's about tradition and family.

Tell us about the first home you ever bought.
My first home was in the Continental Towers on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I bought it when I was 25 years old for $135,000. I sold it for the same price seven years later. I didn't live in the city before so it was the first time — this looked like a luxury building to me (laughing). It was a studio and it was so tiny. I was ripping the carpet out and putting marble in. It was 500 square feet. I was so excited! I thought it was fine to stay in such a tiny apartment. Plus, it was the dynasty days so it had black lacquer everywhere. It was very ostentatious. So bad!

What neighborhood do you live in now and why do you love it?
I live in Manhattan's West Village. I love it because it's not stuffy and I do not know everyone on every corner. I love that right across the street, they just changed the whole Westside Highway, so they have the best parks now. They have water parks for kids and it's beautiful. You can actually smell fresh air in the city, which is wonderful for New York. It's just open and has a fresh water smell. You don't feel like you're in the city. You walk right across the street and you're right on the water. I have waterfront property (joking!).

What is your favorite architectural style? Why?
Eclectic. I can find beauty in everything. I love the Moroccan look and I love modernism. In my apartment, the ceilings are really high. It was contemporary so I knocked everything down and I put old-fashioned tunneling in it and added Armani furniture with Moroccan throw rugs. So I basically put the contemporary and old-fashioned together. But now I'm redoing the whole thing for the kids.

What style does your home have?
Baby couture with a hint of Completely Bare's minimalistic chic. Haha!

What is the most important room in a home for you?
I would have to choose my living room because it is where I hang out with my babies. Everything happens in the living room. I don't know why. We dress them in the living room, and I don't know why a lot of the time. We play in the living room, maybe because it's connected to the kitchen. We really keep the babies' room surreal to sleep in. So we don't play much in there. It has lime-green walls and we keep it really Zen. I'm also putting my own designs in there on the wall with peace signs that say, "I love You" and daisies, A-B-Cs and numbers. I'm going to put designs all over the walls. It's fun doing it on your own. It looks funky, but you're doing it on your own. I also put pictures up of the kids. The good thing is that I'm not worried about things in my home like people are when they get older — like with the furniture you can't touch. You just can't do that when [the kids] are this age. It's important that way.

What are your favorite features in your current home?
The high ceilings so I never feel closed in. And my outdoor space, which is rare in New York City. Soon this space will feature my outdoor kitchen as well as a play area for the twins. I'm putting in this new cement that's cushioning so you can jump on it. I'm going to put a swing up and let them run around. It's going from backyard lounge area to playground. It's nice; we have the garden right next to it. So that's going to be my new favorite place. We can have breakfast out there and they'll have their own tables. It's going to be fun.

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