5 Types of Roommates and How to Handle Them

The Rental Girl reveals the secrets to successfully share space.

Your Entitled Roommate may expect you to take on some of his responsibilities, like walking the dog.

TYPE 5: The Entitled Roommate
If you live with a person who feels they should have more and give less and is still unhappy, they are entitled. "I'm rarely here, so I don't understand why I should clean," they say. Or "I know it's my dog, but we both live here, so why can't you walk it while I'm out?"

How to deal?
Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. An entitled roommate can't grasp the concept that you are not working two jobs to cover his or her bills. But try talking to them. Worst-case scenario, you won't feel guilty about getting a new roommate because you at least tried. Best-case scenario, your roommate has an emotional breakthrough and begins to appreciate what he has.

The most important thing in all situations is to remember this: What is normal to you may not be the case with others. So when looking for a housemate, invest time in choosing wisely and screen, baby, screen! Otherwise you will scream, baby, scream!

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