5 Types of Roommates and How to Handle Them

The Rental Girl reveals the secrets to successfully share space.

If you're doing all the chores while your Irresponsible Roommate chills, it's time to set clear rules.

TYPE 4: The Irresponsible Roommate
This is not a roommate. You have inherited an adult child of your own. You meet all the deadlines for all the bills. You buy all the groceries and do all the cleaning. And where is your roommate? You get the most amazing stories: why this gig fell through, a job is in the works, an inheritance is on its way. You are working two jobs while your roommate has afternoons to chill. The irresponsible roommate has no urgency to fix anything because they know you've got their back.

How to deal?
This roommate needs firm and clear boundaries. Give your roommate a "last chance" ultimatum. Example: "If you are unable to pay the rent on the due date it will be your last month living here." Their reaction will give you clear indication of whether or not you need to start taking photos of your place for a roommate wanted ad.

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