5 Types of Roommates and How to Handle Them

The Rental Girl reveals the secrets to successfully share space.

It's not always easy to tell when your Hold and Explode Roommate is peeved.

TYPE 3: The Hold and Explode Roommate (aka Passive Aggressive)
How do you know you have this roommate? That’s the funny part: You don't know until it's a bit too late. Your car is keyed, a garment is torn, those dirty dishes from the sink somehow end up on your bed. One day you take out the trash but forget to place a new bag in the can, and your roommate nearly blows a gasket. Think about it: Is it really about the trash bag? Most likely, no. They've just allowed their frustration to build until they explode.

How to deal?
We are all from different walks of life. What is no big deal to one person can make the next person lose it. Some people are non-confrontational and perhaps were raised not to complain. So they "hold and explode." If you try to become more approachable and non-judgmental, even the most timid person will feel comfortable enough to open up to you. You may find out your passionate sleepovers, garlic-infused cooking, cigar smoking and dirty feet on the coffee table are all making your roommate a little nuts. If the list gets too long due to incompatibility, well, then lesson learned. Next time disclose a little more about the things you are not willing to change.

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